Day 8 Journal (The Dead on Display)

Personally, I didn’t prepare a ton for the amount of bones and humans remains we would be seeing throughout the course of this trip. I knew we were going to be seeing bone churches, but I was anticipating some of the other memorials such as the monks. For the first bone church we saw in Mělník, I wasn’t expecting the amount of bones there would be on display. I also wasn’t expecting there to be symbolism in the artwork. For example, there was a heart made out of the skull, which I thought was really creative. Although I did like this bone church, I wasn’t a fan of the music and the voiceover playing in the background. The second bone church we went to in Kutná Hora. I thought this bone church was very artistic, and it was probably my favorite one that we visited. I was astonished by all of the shapes and designs that were made by the shapes of the bones.  The bone church in Kutná Hora was a lot bigger, therefore there were a lot more human remains. It’s amazing to me how so many people who were once alive are resting inside of that church. I also was blown away by the murals and architecture made out of the bones, such as the chandelier.

The two bone churches were very different, so naturally I had two very different reactions from it. The smaller one in Mělník was a bit scarier to me, because it was the first one we saw, so therefore it was my first reaction to seeing human bones. The church in Mělník was also a lot smaller and darker. The church in Kutná Hora brought a lot more light in, and was more artistic, so I definitely prefer that church over the other one. I also think I prefer this church more because I am an art major so I was able to invest in the art that the second bone church had.   

The following link is a sketch I did on one of the bone designs in the church: Sketch