Propaganda At The Point

The piece of propaganda that I am talking about in this week’s design journal is an advertisement encouraging the knowledge of the student bill of rights and its help in sexual violence. I found this poster in the Marano Campus Center where The Point is located. When given this assignment, I knew going to The Point would be a good place to look for posters and signs that could be propaganda because The Point has boards filled with activities and organizations with different events and meetings that they want people to join. The campus center is always bustling with the noises of feet from students and those who walk through on their way to classes. And many stop and notice the posters and advertisements within Marano.

The poster has a black background that is covered in red, white, blue and a bit of yellow text. This text says “Student Bill of Rights” in different languages. Some of the languages included were Slovenian (listinaote pravicah), Somali (biilka xuquuqda), Yoruba (iew t akeko), and many more. In the center of the poster, there is a rectilinear box that reads that regardless of one’s language, the state of New York provides a Student Bill of Rights in case a college student would need it. At the bottom, it provides a website link ( where you can learn more information.

This message is from an organization called SUNY SAVR. They are a sexual assault and violence response organization that is passionate about educating college students about Title IX and students rights regarding sexual assault. The poster is also funded by the New York State Department of Health, as it is stated in the bottom left corner of the poster. The organizations’ motivation with this poster is that they are trying to convey the message that no matter what language you speak or who you are, as a college student you are entitled to know what your student rights are.

I am targeted as an audience member because I am a college student. Therefore the propaganda is trying to convey to me that I should know my Student Bill of Rights as a college student. I decided to go to the website that was provided at the bottom of the poster to see what type of resources they offered. I was pleased to find out that the website showed different resources regarding sexual assault and violence that was offered determined by where you lived. All you have to do is type in your zip code and it can show you hospitals, clinics, and even legal facilities to make it that much easier for someone who might be going through sexual assault or violence.

I firmly believe this poster I found in The Point is considered propaganda because it demonstrates that they believe in educating the public on sexual assault and violence. Also, the poster clearly publicizes that regardless of the language you speak or write in, you should have access to your rights as a student. Even though this propaganda poster isn’t portrayed as a negative message like the ones we are used to, this is still considered propaganda because of the strong messages that are being sent to its audience.