Tribute to T.A. Edison by Caroline Mooney

The sculpture, Tribute to T.A. Edison is a sculpture commemorated to remember Thomas Edison’s’ trip to Brno. It was made to tell the story of what Edison has done for Brno. The sculpture was revealed in Malinovsky Square two days before the 99th anniversary of his trip. Thomas Edison visited Brno on September 13, 1911. He visited Brno to look at lights that his company had installed in 1882 in the German City Theater in Brno. The German City Theater was the first electrically lit theatre in Europe when it was installed. The tribute is also the second finished work in the ‘Statues for Brno” Project.

The Tribute to T.A. Edison was made by Tomáš Medek. Tomáš Medek is a Brno based sculpture that has made many works. He makes many free formed based structures similar to the one made in tribute of Edison, except that one was constructed in the shape of lightbulbs. He also has a sculpture which is very similar to the Tribute to T.A. Edison except it is in the shape of an oversized banana. They also seem to have many different holes and creases within the sculptures. This is also translated into his work for Edison. Medek also works on some graphics as well as sculptures.  

As said previously, the sculpture is suppose to represent four oversized light bulbs.  The lightbulbs are made out of stainless steel wire and is placed on concrete pedestal. These bulbs are suppose to represent the light bulbs installed in the German City Theater which is the reason why Thomas Edison visited Brno in the first place. The networking of the wires within the sculpture represents the complexity of electricity and metaphorically refers to communication today. The sculpture also lights up, which connects with what Thomas Edison has done for the city of Brno and it’s theater.

Although the artwork is attributed to Thomas Edison, the piece of public art is for anyone to view. The piece of public art is placed in  Malinovsky Square which means that many people can walk by and admire the tribute that was made in Thomas Edison’s honor. There is plenty of space among the sculpture so many people can stop by and take in the beauty that the piece of public art.

Historical, the Tribute to T.A. Edison marks a major moment in Brno. The Country was honored to have such a big inventor such as Thomas Edison come to one of their cities to view something that his company has installed. The sculpture is attributed to him to show how honored the people of Brno were to have had such an important person in their city, and how grateful they are for his visit.      

While in Brno, I would love to visit the Tribute to T.A. Edison as well as the German City Theater where Edison’s company electrically lit up the theater. The best days for us to visit this piece of public art would be during June 2 where we would have a walking tour of Old Town as well as free time.

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Picture of Tribute to T.A. Edison by eltpics via Flickr

Map made by me (Caroline Mooney)