Klein’s Palace

Klein’s Palace is located in the center of Brno, Czechia. The building was designed by Ludwig Förster with the help of Theophil von Hansen. The building that was located at this site before was bought by Franz Klein, where he demolished the previous building to make room for his palace. The Klein family was specifically involved in ironworks, which the architects involved in the design of the building, shown below.

Photo via Wikimedia

The building has 19 total windows, most of which are uniquely framed by cast iron. This was not only for the aesthetic of the building’s facade, but also to advertise the Klein family’s business involving cast iron. On top of the window frames are small statues also made of cast iron. The building is also characterized as a burgher house, referring to the title of a Burgher at the time. This was a title given to privileged citizens that would have the potential to become city officials. This building mostly pulls from Neo-renaissance influence, or Renaissance Revival.

Map of Brno via Google Maps

The building is now being used for multi-story apartments as well as a bank on the ground floor and an education center. If we were to visit this location we would most likely have time to visit May 28th or May 31st during our free time.


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Featured Photo via Wikimedia