Day 12: Returning Home

Day 12

Brno Old Town Hall

This trip was the first time that I’ve left North America. While I had traveled outside the country before, it was nothing compared to this. This was the first time I was truly learning about another culture. Coming into the trip, I was half excited and half anxious. I couldn’t wait to get here, but I was terrified about coming here at the same time. I didn’t know how we were going to be treated as tourists and I feared the large crowds. My first day in the country relieved any anxiety I had about coming here. The rest of the trip exceeded any expectations I had by a long shot.

Brno Catacombs

The class got me excited about the places and ossuaries we were going to see, but I was expecting a lot less than what I saw. Pictures couldn’t do justice to the beauty of every place we went to and nothing could have prepared me for the ossuaries. I was in awe at the amount of remains that were in each of the places. I couldn’t fully fathom the amount of people placed in the ossuaries until I visited them. In all aspects, this trip exceeded expectations. I am already planning my trip back for next year.

View from the Astronomical Tower at the Clementinum complex
View from Petrin Tower