Day 2: Wayfinding

On our second day in Prague it was raining but we still managed to do and see a lot. We visited the Klementinum a former Jesuit complex/former astronomy tower, the library in Klementinum was stunning even if we weren’t allowed in all the artwork both on the ceiling and walls but also as part of the globes was just beautiful and the books looked so well preserved. After the Klementinum we visited the House of the Black Madonna and the Cubist museum for some more art, the furniture in the cubist museum was very interesting some of it didn’t look to be functional and merely for show but the paintings and sculptures were beautiful and the gallery and how some of the churches were built was fascinating. We took a boat tour on the river and saw the national theatre, the bridges, and the islands, during our break some of us visited the museum of torture which was very interesting and slightly graphic. We then went to the Municipal house and looked at the architecture of the hallways and the men’s lounges against the architecture of the women’s lounges and how the design of the men’s lounge was open without any chairs allowing for mingling at large whereas the women’s lounge had couches and walls for small groups to mingle. Also, at the time the municipal house was built the linoleum flooring was very new and expensive. We also stopped at the national library and saw the “Idiom” piece, a tower of books with mirrors to create an optical illusion of an endless tunnel. How am I finding my way? I am mainly finding my way by using landmarks such as the astronomical clock and the garbage net sculpture that is right next to our hotel. Maps, navigational apps, and asking for directions are also helpful “Kde je…?” is a helpful phrase. On the other hand, I’m finding street signs to be mainly useless except for Rybna (and later Maiselova) I find the design of the street sign to be too cluttered with unnecessary information, such as including Prague on the street

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