Day 9: Vegetable Market

I think that this may have been my favorite part of being in Brno. The vegetable market was very pleasant and very impressive. I think we were all so wonderfully overwhelmed with how inexpensive and how high quality the produce was, that we went a little wild. All of the strawberries in the photo cost about 45 czk!! That’s like $2 usd!! I think that back in the states it would cost around $10 for that many!

Besides the cost, it was so nice for us to just sit in the shade and eat our fresh produce. I don’t think I have ever eaten that many strawberries in my life. It was simple to interact with the vendors, all they did was hold up fingers, when necessary. I will probably be envious of such a booming farmers market probably for the rest of my life.

I also purchased some hummus and crackers from the grocery store located in the “Swiss Cheese Building”. It was also relatively simple, the machine showed how much I needed to pay. Although, unlike the strawberries, the hummus had a lot of packaging. I was a bit nervous as the flavor was in Czech. I would have been moderately disappointed if it was spicy or something. But I took a guess based on packaging and color, in a similar fashion to our one design journal and hoped for the best!